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How it works

Swavy automates most of the steps required to launch a successful creator marketing campaign. This becomes invaluable when collaborating with large cohorts of micro-creators, which is what we specialize in.


Select a package

Select a subscription package that fits your needs.

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Set up your profile & preferences

Answer some questions to set up your profile, products, guidelines, briefs, formats and payment info once.


Review creators & videos

Optionally review auto-generated additional briefs, creators and content. You can choose to manually approve creators, or you can decide which creators to trust and put this whole process on autopilot.


Get posted on socials

Creators will post the content they created for you on their socials, and you get usage rights.
As an add-on, you can get ad permissions to boost the post.


Authentic UGC

Get usage rights for all the creative UGCs filmed as part of your campaign.

Automated Collaboration

Sit back and relax. Creators will pick your brand and create posts on social media that would resonate with their audience and your brand image.

Targeted Reach

Reach a targeted and niche audience in a trustworthy manner.

Regional Focus

Leverage our strong and specialized influencer base located in the Europe and the Middle East.

What you get is growth on autopilot. Supercharged.

Creator Posts

Creators will post the content they create for you on their socials and leverage their engaged audience to help you grow your brand and performance.

High-Quality UGC

Creators will do what they do best: create. You will receive authentic content for you to use wherever you want, to up to 1 year.

Ad Boosting

As an add-on, you can request getting access to the creator posts from your TikTok and Meta Ads Manager accounts to boost them and leverage different audiences.

Pricing that revolves around increasing your ROI

Join our growing network of forward-thinking brands that recognize the power of social content and UGC in today's digital landscape.

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